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Hanna and Jarkko

Nordic Marketing Manager and Management Consultant

Tell us briefly about yourself and what you do.

Hanna: I have been working at Capgemini Consulting for a bit over a year and have just recently taken up the role of Nordic Marketing Manager.

Jarkko: I’ve been working here as a Management Consultant for roughly more than a year. My current role is more in the business and technology innovation part of our company.

Are you involved in the recruitment process?

Hanna: Here everyone who wants to be involved can something that I really like.




Applications Consultant

Tell us briefly about yourself and what you do.

I am Anneli, an Applications Consultant at Capgemini. I am involved in SAP Human Capital Management systems and Success Factors which involves helping our clients to make the most out of their HR systems.

I have been working here for about 7-8 months.

What are the common mistakes people make when looking for a job?

I have been involved in the recruitment process in the company and a common mistake I have observed is that the applications te...



HR & Marketing Analyst

Tell us about yourself.

I am Elina from Boost Brothers. We deal with construction and are seeking trainees for our management consultancy business. We are searching for the latest information on techniques internationally and so we’re carrying out a lot of marketing research and analyzing the data. We intend to develop our customer business and keep up with the current trends.

A lot of changes are happening with regard to robotics and innovation and we’re working on incorporating them then...



Business Consultant

Janne is a Business Consultant for a firm called BearingPoint and in this interview, he outlines what it is the company does for its clients and proceeds to discuss some specific tasks that he is currently working on within his role. Janne then highlights the certain skills that would make a person successful in this job and what makes BearingPoint an appealing place to work. To finish off the interview, it is highlighted which opportunities students could take during their time at school or uni...



Senior Analytics Designer

With the title of largest open business network in the world, Basware benefits all kinds of companies by offering them options to more adeptly reach their clients. Timo, Senior Analytics Designer, has the role of giving analytics data interface focused on purchase-to-pay financial software, and offers advice on how to be successful at Basware.

“The beginning is always difficult for anyone. I think it’s important that people, young people especially, make a few important ties, [and] use the...