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Chief Marketing Officer

Mandell, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Morgan Stanley, a highly successful global financial services firm, outlines the ten fundamental principles that he believes will lead anyone to long-lasting career success.

Briefly About Mandell

Throughout the years, Mandell has gone through a number of roles at Morgan Stanley such as Head of National Business Development, Talent Management and Head of U.S. Fixed Income Sales and Distribution. This great success stems from Mandell completing an...



Geng and Karthik

Engagement Manager and Senior Business Analyst

Geng and Karthik are both employees at McKinsey and Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Geng has an MBA and has worked for the company for three years. Karthik has his BA and has been with the company for two years.

Why Consulting?

Geng initially joined McKinsey as a business analyst. Because it sounded like his dream job, he signed on. He wanted to work with a multitude of industries, carry out many different functions, and travel to different locations. His ultimate goal was to start his...



Chief Strategy Officer

Renee is a Grandtag Financial Group Chief Strategy Officer, which is a Hong Kong based independent wealth management provider and advisory firm. After graduating from Boston University in 2003, she earned her MBA and has been busy ever since.

Her undergraduate degree is in hospitality management, so it is easy to see why she began her career at the Sheraton Hotel and the Four Seasons Hotel. Renee then worked for Lehman Brothers before landing at her role with Grandtag.

Initially, her goal w...



IT Support Coordinator

Gary works for the Royal Bank of Scotland as an IT Support Coordinator. He offers advice to students looking to enter his field.

“I use a number of different skills from my degree, … primarily databases, digital media, and web technologies, though all of the subjects [I took] have helped in one way or another. From my undergraduate degree, my MS Project course has proved vital, along with the more technical skills that I learned.”

Preparing for the Interview

Gary notes that his success in...



International Trainee

Nuria took part in an International Trainee Program with KONE, and supported the Business Development team. During the 3 months she spent in Singapore, Nuria worked on 2 projects in which she worked on customer retention.

A Typical Day at KONE

“I was lucky to not have many typical days at KONE. This was mainly because my role required me to be in touch with stakeholders from different countries and departments, and this made the days so rich and different from each other. As a trainee, I a...