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Jon graduated with his MBA in 1984 from UVA at Darden. Currently, he is the COO for the retirement plan investment group at JP Morgan Chase. The group is responsible for approximately $60 billion in retirement and benefit assets that relate to employees. He is well-versed with the hiring process, and is full of key insight.

The Job Search

During the job search, Jon stresses some very important points: do your homework about the company, work your network and contacts, and be cognizant of th...



Chief Information Officer

Ralph, Chief Information Officer and Senior VP at Everest Reinsurance, speaks about entering the technology field, and what companies like his seek in potential candidates.

“[Technology] is both highly competitive and wide open. If there is such a thing as a “war for talent,” it is taking place in the technology sector.” Ralph previously worked in investment banking, but his interest in technology and business presented him with new opportunities: he had been a VP at MetLife and JP Mor...



Assistant VP

Ingrid, Assistant VP of UK Insurance Asset Liability Management Solutions team for Barclays Capital, assists companies in minimizing liabilities and selling asset side ideas.

States Ingrid, “Our desk is responsible for every aspect of a trade with an insurer. This means we’re involved in the initial modeling of liabilities, construction of hedges and, hopefully, the actual execution of the trade.”

Interview Tips

Ingrid advises students not to give up when interviewing for a dream job.




Aaron and Doug

Consultant and Consultant

Doug and Aaron are both graduates of the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. While they both ended up as consultants for Bain and Company in Chicago, Illinois, their paths were different.

Doug’s undergraduate degree is from Michigan State University, and his MBA is from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Aaron’s undergraduate degree is from the Michigan State University Honor’s College, and his MBA is from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.





Project Manager

JJ is a 2015 UCLA Anderson School of Management graduate. He currently works for Adobe as a Project Manager for the Marketing Cloud. The collaborative environment and the sense of community that Anderson afforded him resonated, and he has since carried that attitude into the workforce.

A Typical Day

JJ’s day consists of messaging, positioning, and sales enablement. He sifts through analytical data gathered by Adobe, and he searches for the best possible way to serve customers. His goal is...