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Operations Engineer

Operations Engineer Janet speaks about how her education helped her to be where she is with Whirlpool today.

“I focused on education and engineering and ultimately majored in Industrial Engineering, as it incorporated the entire engineering process: materials, people, and machines. Additionally, I determined that once I learned my craft and gained practical experience, I could educate others about the engineering field.”

Janet advises that her internships and co-ops let her gain invaluable e...



Lead Account Representative

Noel, Lead Account Representative for the Dow Chemical Company, works with customers with the target of increasing and defending market share.

He notes he was successful due to “work experience and the module choices [he took during college, which included entrepreneurial and marketing.]” He adds, “the societies I was a part of helped differentiate me from others applying to the same roles.”


“After graduation,” Noel says, “I worked for a startup company in London that...



Project Engineer

Alex, project engineer at McLaren Automotive in Surrey, England, shares advice for current students investigating possible careers post-graduation.

“I wish that I had taken the option to complete a year in industry. Lots of my friends took the option and it gave them a fresh outlook and, at the same time, they managed to make some savings before completing their course. Placements are a great chance to secure a job to go back to once you complete your degree.”

Alex did not start out in her c...



Trade and Marketing Analyst

Anna-Marie is a Trade and Marketing Analyst with Maersk shipping line.

“My team works on the long-term strategy for these regions by taking into consideration which customers we serve and how we gain long-term business. We also evaluate network and service decisions.”

Why Work for Maersk?

Anna-Marie enjoys the international communication aspect of her job.

“Receiving a call from China in the morning and talking to different colleagues from Latin America in the afternoon is part of just...



Systems Engineer

Andrei, Systems Engineer for Cisco in Reading, England, shares advice on landing a job after graduation.

“After graduation I joined a graduate scheme, working as a junior pre-sales consultant at an independent service provider based in central London. CISCO [is] a leading global technology company that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment, … [and] currently, I am working as a pre-sales systems engineer.”

Advice for Students

Before he left college, Andrei admits his career...