Lead Account Representative

Noel, Lead Account Representative for the Dow Chemical Company, works with customers with the target of increasing and defending market share.

He notes he was successful due to “work experience and the module choices [he took during college, which included entrepreneurial and marketing.]” He adds, “the societies I was a part of helped differentiate me from others applying to the same roles.”


“After graduation,” Noel says, “I worked for a startup company in London that gave me sales experience. That experience gave me the background I needed to get accepted into Dow’s Commercial program. [Now,] I spend my time working with end-user engagement strategies and campaigns as well as managing power and refinery accounts for my business in UK and Ireland.”

Tips for Students

“If you enjoy marketing and are looking for a similar role, … I highly recommend getting a job in sales, only for a few years. It will provide you with skills and tools that you can call upon throughout your career. Also, do not be afraid to try lots of different roles. Working for a large organization like Dow, you have plenty of opportunities to try different roles and work in various locations.”

Noel speaks highly of Dow to prospective candidates.

“They provide a clear career path, and will help you achieve your goals. Be open to try different things, and do not discount roles or an industry because you have a management degree.

The degree gives you more possibilities than any other.”

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