Trade and Marketing Analyst

Anna-Marie is a Trade and Marketing Analyst with Maersk shipping line.

“My team works on the long-term strategy for these regions by taking into consideration which customers we serve and how we gain long-term business. We also evaluate network and service decisions.”

Why Work for Maersk?

Anna-Marie enjoys the international communication aspect of her job.

“Receiving a call from China in the morning and talking to different colleagues from Latin America in the afternoon is part of just another normal day at Maersk. Furthermore, the company provides great opportunities to get involved in topics that interest you, and initiative is always appreciated.”

In addition, Anna-Marie “really liked the business-related travels, which delivered not only amazing personal experiences but also very valuable insights into the decision-making process of my team.”

Anna-Marie notes that sometimes, people do not expect Maersk to be as diverse as it is.

“People sometimes speak of Maersk as the ‘little U.N.,” which in my opinion is very true. I am also impressed by the working environment and how well the company takes care of its employees.”


Anna-Marie’s participation in certain programs during her education prepared her for her role with Maersk.

“It shaped my mindset and understanding of a global world which needs international collaboration now more than ever before. In addition, it also prepared me to handle challenging situations, to tackle and utilize cultural differences and to focus on long-term strategies. This is very important, considering the large impact my company has on businesses, humans, and the environment every day.”

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