Project Engineer

Alex, project engineer at McLaren Automotive in Surrey, England, shares advice for current students investigating possible careers post-graduation.

“I wish that I had taken the option to complete a year in industry. Lots of my friends took the option and it gave them a fresh outlook and, at the same time, they managed to make some savings before completing their course. Placements are a great chance to secure a job to go back to once you complete your degree.”

Alex did not start out in her current job.

“My first role was at Honda as a New Model Supplier Development Engineer. A year later, I moved into a Product Engineer role, where I was primarily testing cars. I was also a member of the company race team in my spare time. After three years, I moved to McLaren Automotive in Surrey to design and manage the production of supercars as a Project Engineer.”

Advice for Current Students

“Get experience in your chosen field as soon as you can, even voluntary work during the summer break. You need to make yourself stand out and show that you actually have a real passion for what you want!”

Alex notes that her university education helped her gain integral experience and skills that she uses in her current career.

“[College] allowed me to build my confidence in my own ability.”

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