Operations Engineer

Operations Engineer Janet speaks about how her education helped her to be where she is with Whirlpool today.

“I focused on education and engineering and ultimately majored in Industrial Engineering, as it incorporated the entire engineering process: materials, people, and machines. Additionally, I determined that once I learned my craft and gained practical experience, I could educate others about the engineering field.”

Janet advises that her internships and co-ops let her gain invaluable experience and knowledge, and presented her with insight into how companies are run. She stresses that career fairs can be very beneficial to students when seeking a job post-graduation.

Advice for Students

Before graduation, Janet notes that she visited the Engineering Career Services Office at her university. She asked them for advice on how to prepare to land a job in the engineering sector. She was able to secure interview and resume advice, as well as create a career plan.

“I strongly recommend visiting your career services office early in your academic year.” Janet also joined the on-campus group Institute of Industrial Engineers.

“It is a professional organization that helped develop my personal and professional skills and founded friendships through social events. As an IIE officer, I had the opportunity to coordinate company tours, travel internationally to the annual conference, and network with engineering academia, professionals, and students from around the world.”

After Graduation

Janet presents closing advice for recent graduates in their job search.

“By remaining open and presenting the right attitude, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

Developing a plan, asking questions, and determining your values will carry you a long way in whatever field you choose.”

Sources: This career advice is based on another article which is available here.

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