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Alex, president of award-winning digital advertising company Ruckus Marketing, speaks about what he looks for in a potential employee.

“It’s an intangible quality, but we always look for someone who has great intuition, plus a visible drive and solid overall work ethic. We look for people we can plug in and they can really hit the ground running. We’re a fast-paced office, and you really sort-of sink or swim by your own ability to figure it out.”

Alex can receive 300-400 applications for one...



Senior Manager

Richard, a graduate of the Modern Language Program in French and Spanish with a Masters in Applied Computing, is a senior manager for Accenture in the management consulting arena. He also plays a role in recruiting and is on a team of senior leaders who make pressing company decisions.

“I manage delivery teams, building and maintaining websites and eCommerce platforms for large, multi-national clients. My teams are spread around the globe, and I am responsible for multi-million dollar budget...



Geng and Karthik

Engagement Manager and Senior Business Analyst

Geng and Karthik are both employees at McKinsey and Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Geng has an MBA and has worked for the company for three years. Karthik has his BA and has been with the company for two years.

Why Consulting?

Geng initially joined McKinsey as a business analyst. Because it sounded like his dream job, he signed on. He wanted to work with a multitude of industries, carry out many different functions, and travel to different locations. His ultimate goal was to start his...



Aaron and Doug

Consultant and Consultant

Doug and Aaron are both graduates of the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. While they both ended up as consultants for Bain and Company in Chicago, Illinois, their paths were different.

Doug’s undergraduate degree is from Michigan State University, and his MBA is from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Aaron’s undergraduate degree is from the Michigan State University Honor’s College, and his MBA is from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.





Trade and Marketing Analyst

Anna-Marie is a Trade and Marketing Analyst with Maersk shipping line.

“My team works on the long-term strategy for these regions by taking into consideration which customers we serve and how we gain long-term business. We also evaluate network and service decisions.”

Why Work for Maersk?

Anna-Marie enjoys the international communication aspect of her job.

“Receiving a call from China in the morning and talking to different colleagues from Latin America in the afternoon is part of just...