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Jill, CEO of the New-York based luxury jewelry company Ippolita, speaks about her interests and how she entered the consumer marketing industry.

“I have always had a lot of interests, and I considered many different fields. I decided to focus on business, as it would give me all the foundational knowledge to go in many different directions. But I also wanted to be in a highly innovative field, so I decided to major in what is now IT.”

Speaking about her current field, Jill states, “Retail...



Operations Engineer

Operations Engineer Janet speaks about how her education helped her to be where she is with Whirlpool today.

“I focused on education and engineering and ultimately majored in Industrial Engineering, as it incorporated the entire engineering process: materials, people, and machines. Additionally, I determined that once I learned my craft and gained practical experience, I could educate others about the engineering field.”

Janet advises that her internships and co-ops let her gain invaluable e...



Director, Information Technology

Damon is a 1996 graduate of the Fisher School of Business at Ohio State University. He is currently the Director of Informational Technology at Procter and Gamble, and in taking advantage of all of the resources that Ohio State had to offer, Damon capitalized and laid a solid foundation for his career.

He enjoyed math and computers, but he also had thoughts of law school. After narrowing his focus, he decided to stick with engineering. It wouldn’t take him long, however, to realize that he...



Tiina and Nina

Assistant Brand Manager and Management Trainee

Tiina and Nina both working in the Unilever Future Leaders Programme at Unilever Helsinki give recent graduates advice to the interview process.

“Reflect upon what you want from your career and always be yourself. In the end, it is all about the right fit between the applicant and the company.” Tiina says.

Why Work for Unilever?

Tiina and Nina both strongly recommend working for Unilever.

“I think that the people at Unilever is one of the main reasons [why the company is special,]”...



Managing Director

Pekka, HR professional at S-Group, has advice for students going on their first interview.

“It is important to be what you really are, not trying to be something you are not.” Being truthful helps in finding the right career for you, one you’ll love and to which you’ll be an asset.

What does S-Group Seek in a Candidate?

“Being able to adapt your knowledge and competencies depending on the situation, where your business is, where your company is,” are traits integral to an S-Group emplo...