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Senior Manager

Richard, a graduate of the Modern Language Program in French and Spanish with a Masters in Applied Computing, is a senior manager for Accenture in the management consulting arena. He also plays a role in recruiting and is on a team of senior leaders who make pressing company decisions.

“I manage delivery teams, building and maintaining websites and eCommerce platforms for large, multi-national clients. My teams are spread around the globe, and I am responsible for multi-million dollar budget...



Digital Leadership Graduate Scheme

Claire has a Modern Languages and Linguistics Degree from St. Andrews School of Modern Languages. After graduating in 2013, she took on a position at Telefonica Digital. She currently works as a Digital Leadership Graduate Scheme.

Initially, Claire wanted to become a teacher. Upon graduating, she realized that she was more drawn to business and enterprise.

She felt that a job in a small company with give her exposure to a core business that she was looking for. Telefonica contacted her to h...



Project Manager

JJ is a 2015 UCLA Anderson School of Management graduate. He currently works for Adobe as a Project Manager for the Marketing Cloud. The collaborative environment and the sense of community that Anderson afforded him resonated, and he has since carried that attitude into the workforce.

A Typical Day

JJ’s day consists of messaging, positioning, and sales enablement. He sifts through analytical data gathered by Adobe, and he searches for the best possible way to serve customers. His goal is...



Systems Engineer

Andrei, Systems Engineer for Cisco in Reading, England, shares advice on landing a job after graduation.

“After graduation I joined a graduate scheme, working as a junior pre-sales consultant at an independent service provider based in central London. CISCO [is] a leading global technology company that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment, … [and] currently, I am working as a pre-sales systems engineer.”

Advice for Students

Before he left college, Andrei admits his career...



Human Resources Coordinator

Tell us about you and your job.

I am Ian, a Human Resources Coordinator and I’m part of the global recruitment team at Sysmex. We are involved in vitro diagnostic testing and are based in Kobe, Japan.

You get to interview a lot of jobseekers. Do you notice a recurring mistake people make when they’re looking for a job?

From the many resumes I review every year, a good number of people tend to be too general and don’t actually focus on the position they’re applying for. People who give...